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Congratulations on your Samsung handphone!

Samsung users tips, news, links and more...

This is a simple web site created just to help new users get the most out of their Samsung handphones.  And also for existing users to follow up on news and developments on upcoming new Samsung mobile phones.

So for those new to Samsung, just go to the page for your model and glance through the quick user tips there.  Also visit the other pages which have some other useful information and links to other interesting sites.


What's New

21 Dec   : Cool German D500 television ad. 1.2 MB right click and save...
20 Dec   : Samsung SGH-X460 page is up.
16 Dec   : 12 Stars of Samsung.  Pics of Samsung's 2004 year-end media bash in Singapore!
06 Dec   : Very nice dedicated Samsung D500 site.  
And an extremely cool interactive Samsung D500 site at uk.samsungmobile!
02 Dec   : Samsung overtakes Motorola to second position in the third quarter of 2004!
19 Nov   : For those who can't wait, download the D500 manual now!  5.95 MB, right click and save...
10 Nov   : Samsung SGH-D500 page is up.
15 Oct    : Samsung SGH-E800C in depth!
05 Oct    : Korean commercial for the SPH-V500 (right click and save...).  Thanks tuolumne at Howard Forums...
28 Sep   : Download a cool SGH-E800 video clip (right click and save...).
13 Sep   : SGH-P730 page up at Samsung Official site.
09 Sep   : Samsung has announced the world's first mobile phone to sport a tiny hard disc drive the V5400. More here.
03 Sep   : Samsung SGH-E600 page added.
02 Sep   : Samsung E-700 Handset to Reach 10 Million Sales - Esato 15 Aug 2004.
13 Aug   : Really cool video clip on the V420 / P730 (right click and save...)
02 July   : Finally getting down to putting up all the great pictures taken at CommunicAsia 2004!
01 July   : A new addition to our handphone sites - Sony-Ericsson Handphones Home Page
01 July   : Good E700 Resource site at e700.e35.
28 May   : Tips for new D410 users added to D410 page.
04 May   : Samsung SGH-D410 page added.
03 May   : Samsung SGH-X600 page added.
03 May   : Samsung SGH-E100 page added.
02 May   : Samsung SGH-X100 page added.
02 May   : Samsung SGH-P400 page added.
02 May   : Samsung SGH-X430 page added.
04 Feb    : New Samsung SGH-X430 makes its appearance in Samsung Fun Club.
04 Feb    : A couple of cool new tips for the E700.
02 Jan    : Samsung - CNETAsia's phone maker of 2003.
01 Jan    : Additions to the E700 page - Small Java section for the E700 and other Samsung Java phones, and on using EasyStudio.
01 Jan    : Chinese ringtone site in midi which you can convert to mmf -
WAP site with wallpapers for S300 and C100 -
01 Jan    : Samsung takes 4 of the top 10 phones in 2003 - CNETAsia.
01 Jan    : Preview of new Samsung models for 2004 - CNETAsia.
19 Nov   : Korean electronics giant Samsung has overtaken Motorola in cellphone sales to become number two in Asia - CNETAsia.
17 Nov   : Great E700 info. and resource site - fdegenkamp's E700 page.
17 Nov   : Excellent resource site for S300 / E700, lots of wallpapers and ringtones -
17 Nov   : New ringtones site with several thousand ringtones all zipped up-
10 Nov   : New section for E700 - Guide to using EasyStudio and IrDA.

News Archives - All the previous news.








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